Poster Presentations Galore!


Thank you to all our wonderful members who will be sharing the fabulous work and most interesting cases with the chapter for our annual chapter poster presentation. We are expecting eight posters!

If you are presenting November 17th, refer to these specifications for displaying your work:

  • Please be sure to RSVP that you will attend the event by sending an e-mail to our gmail address,
  • Posters will be displayed on easels. Authors will need to provide cardboard or other rigid backing in order to display the poster on the easel.  (Note that for the national meeting, posters are usually displayed on a soft surface and secured using push pins.)
  • There are no size restrictions for our chapter poster meeting event. (Note that for the national meeting, in the past, posters boards have been 4 feet high by 8 feet wide and the recommendation was that the poster should fit within the dimensions of 42″ high x 72″ wide.)  In our experience a size of roughly 3’x4’ seems to work well.  There is no restriction on font, but generally a size of 30 or higher for the body of the poster seems to provide good legibility.
  • For the local meeting, our top three to five poster presentations will be invited to present to the group. We would like to project your poster on a large screen.  Please e-mail an electronic copy of your poster to



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